COVID-19 Update: March 19, 2022


Dear Directors:

I wanted to get this information to you as soon as possible so you may begin your preparations for the Jazz Festival. I’m attaching a rough schedule of performance times and also our COVID Verification form and COVID protocols

The verification form must be completed by each director verifying the date and vaccine received by each student and adult traveling with the school. In the event someone is not vaccinated they must receive a COVID test dated on the 17th, 18th, or 19th. Directors should collect and bring printed copies of negative test results. There will be NO exceptions.  When Director check in at festival headquarters, they will provide the COVID verification list and receive colored wristbands. One color for performers and one color for adults. Other than directors no adults will be permitted backstage, clinic room, warmup room, or in the 5000 bldg. other that 5156 for the performance. Please advise parents of this in advance to avoid any misunderstandings.

Please note that due to a desire for distancing we will follow guild lines from our EOC and space will be limited for audiences. There will be No public admittance the day of the event. The only available audience passes must be purchased in advance by each school with the director including verification of COVID vaccination or testing. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS. Additional passes must be postmarked and purchased by March 1st.  Presently the Crocker and Semper are at 100% capacity, 5156 will be limited to 60 audience members and the master classes will be limited to 50%.


  • All audience members must be masked indoors at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS! If someone can not be masked, they are not welcome at the festival!
  • All performers must be masked at all times with the exception of wind players when they are actively playing. They must mask up between charts. All wind instruments should be using bell covers. If this is a financial hard ship for your school, please contact me asap.
  • All vocalist must sing with a mask. Each school is required to bring their own mics. We will provide cables, sound system, etc.
  • Schools must use the amps, drum kit, provided by the festival. Exceptions will only be made for equipment we do not provide. Please let me know if you have a special need.  Drummers may use their own cymbals and small auxiliary percussion instruments.

We are developing a very finite traffic pattern which will be sent out prior to the festival. Please read carefully and help us to keep you safe by maintaining distancing.

Directors, please speak with your students prior to boarding the bus and if they are showing any symptoms, do not bring those students with you. Yes, I’m aware of what that could mean to your performance but it will just be an opportunity for others to step up. Like they say, “the show must go on”

In closing it is my hope that by March our current spike will be in decline and we will be able to relax some of our protocols. Please keep an eye open for updates.

I’m attaching a COVID form for you to begin the process and I’m also attach a working performance schedule. Please note that the Semper and Crocker perform on the hour and half hour and 5156 will perform on the 15 and 45. Warmups are one half hour prior to your performance time.

Mark Bidelman
SCJF Festival Director
Cabrillo College
Director of VJ Ensembles













































Welcome to the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival website. Your participation includes performing in state-of-the-art facilities at Cabrillo College, attending eye-opening master classes/clinics, listening to our fabulous guest artists, and enjoying the beautiful surrounding area. Top scoring bands and vocal groups will be invited to perform at a command performance concert in the Crocker Theater. Don’t forget to explore the beaches, the Boardwalk, and the redwoods, all within the immediate area. Sign up soon because we fill up quickly, and this is a festival you don’t want to miss!























Jazz is alive!























Steve Gray
President, SCJF